Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vegetable farming - A Day in the Life

There are more things to do on the farm as each day grows warmer and summer approaches. 

In the greenhouse, there is seeding, potting on (moving seedlings into bigger pots), and delivering mature tomato and herb plants to retail customers. (Note to self: remember to water the greenhouse plants while husband is delivering). 

Outside in the fields there is ploughing to ready the soil for seeds and transplants, and fussing with the irrigation. (Note to self: remember to check the greenhouse plants while husband is ploughing). 

In the farm office there are invoices to write and phone calls to return. (Note to self: check the greenhouse after take first deposit to the bank). 

Back on the farm, check e-mail and weather on the computer. Check personal e-mail, browse a few favourite websites, surf away a significant amount of time while husband is off the farm....

I'm forgetting something. Now, what was it. It's so nice outside I must go out again.... wait a minute, the greenhouse! Uh-oh.

(Note to self: MUST make husband's favourite soon as I get back from the greenhouse).


  1. ha ha!! Note to this blog makes gives me a chuckle!


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