Monday, April 26, 2010

Animals Love Vegetables

A vegetable farm attracts lots of wild animals. We’ve had deer (see previous deer post here) that need to be shooed off the field, marmots (like a beaver without the tail), and scores of birds.

We enjoy seeing hawks and ospreys circle slowly over the fields.

 An electricity company has built a platform on top of one of their power poles to accommodate the osprey, and put a webcam directly above it. Take a look at the live webcam of the osprey nest.

 We also have rodents. I have a healthy fear of mice. This means that I am scared to death of them. My husband says I have a special scream just for mice.

 Last fall I was harvesting squash ("harvesting" sounds better than bend over, cut the stem, push the squash into a pile, repeat). My husband wondered why I left the field in such a hurry.

“There was a rustle!”, I explained. “A rustle?” enquired my fearless husband. “Yes, I wasn’t alone in the pumpkin patch. So, obviously, one of us had to leave. Quickly.”

Before I met my husband, I once had a mouse in my apartment. I left. I don’t mean that I just left for the day. I packed a bag and moved in with a relative for the duration.

 Such a fear of mice might seem unusual for a woman who now lives on a vegetable farm. Well, it’s not ideal.


  1. Well, don't feel bad. I'm not afraid of mice, but recently I found two dead june bugs in my house, lying on their backs with their beady eyes staring blankly up at me--and I just about wanted to move out! *shudders* I do NOT like insects. I guess I'm going to have to get over this if I want to live in the country!

  2. I don't mind insects too much as long as they stay outside where they belong.

    Why don't they know there're not welcome inside?

  3. I agree- I don't like mice. Or insects really of any kind. I like butterflies. Dragonflies are ok. Now, I'm trying to be a good mom and not pass my fear of crawly things like mice and snakes to my daughters- not sure it is working, though, and they can sense the fear....
    Remember catching fireflies in a jar as a kid- and we thought it was the greatest thing....


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