Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Kind of Resolution

If you’re like most people, two weeks from now you won’t even remember what your New Years’ resolution was. Or, you’ll remember what it was but feel incredible guilt at not living up to it.

Although most of us could benefit from losing a few pounds, exercising more, or spending less, I think it’s time to start a new kind of resolution. I’ll go first.

My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy small luxuries more often.

Note there is no time line associated with this resolution like “every week”. There must be no guilt or sense of failure associated with this new kind of resolution.

The beautiful café au lait cup and saucer in the picture is one of two I purchased years (decades?) ago in St. Pierre, a small French island off the east coast of Canada.

It is part of a small group of china, linen, clothing and bath products that I’ve been saving “for good”.

Based on how long ago it was since I’ve used this cup, apparently I’ve been saving it for the Twelfth of Never.

Now that I’ve taken it out of its back closet hidey-hole, this cup is going to hold my morning coffee on Monday.

What forlorn luxuries do you have hiding in your closets and drawers that you haven’t been using? Silky lingerie? Linen napkins? Gift with purchase hand lotion?

It's a new year. Live it!


  1. I love this! I remember the days when certain clothes were left for "sundays" or "christmas". I wholeheartily agree with you- Live for today!! I have pottery packed away in the basement somewhere! Time to dig it out and get using it...
    My husband and daughters will probably think I'm loosing it....
    happy New Year !

  2. Happy New Year, ShareBear!

    Enjoy using your nice pottery!

  3. This is true! We must live life of what we have now and enjoy it!

  4. Only recently I decided to always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge so that, at any time when there is something to celebrate or a surprise visit from friends, we can pop the bottle!

    1. Sounds like a good idea! Enjoy your bubbly!


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