Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother Nature

This spectacular show from Mother Nature will beautify our landscape for just a few more days.

Nature has its’ own schedule. It will not be hurried; nor will it wait for you.

With the availability of almost every type of food year-round in the grocery store, people forget there is a seasonality involved in food production.

This week a customer asked us if our garden peas were ready yet. In fact, it’s still too cold and early to even plant the pea seeds.

Here are some suggestions of ways you can appreciate the season:

1. Eat local food. Look for “Local” on the signs in your store’s produce department. Eating locally with the season is bound to be fresh and nutritious, and is without the added environmental cost of extra transportation.

 2. Go outside! At this time of year, such beauties as tree blossoms and birds’ nests are just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

 3. Think about planting some seeds or transplants, even if it’s on your windowsill or patio. Before you know it, it will be too late to start anything new for this summer.

 4. Catch time in a bottle - take photos.

 5. Consider freezing local delicacies such as asparagus and rhubarb to enjoy later- before they’re gone.

To everything there is a season. I’d love to hear what you enjoy about this time of year.


  1. Beautiful photo! It's true that Spring is special time and we should all try our best to enjoy it. The blossoms on the trees are probably my favourite part of Spring. Taking walks is essential to enjoy this. Watching our vegetable seeds sprout into tiny plants is pretty exciting too!

  2. Laura, I'm glad you are also enjoying the joys of this time of year.

  3. I think my favourite thing about spring is the sound of the birds in the morning. I get up at 4:45 for work and that's the first thing I hear. I think to myself "If they can be that cheerful at this time of day, then I can at least try!"

  4. Wow, you get up so early for work! Ever thought about being a farmer?

    (I love the birds in the morning too).

  5. Beautiful pict. I too love spring. My favorite- when you begin hearing the birds again. And the warmth of the sun. My puppy Sam also love spring- new smells, and lots and lots of wet grass and mud to explore. I swear I could give him a daily bath!
    Alas- it is worth it- because it is spring.

  6. I can see snow in the hills around the farm the last couple of days. But soon it will be spring..again.


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