Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frozen vegetables

This week we had quite a surprise. We woke up to several inches of snow.

The temperature was below zero. And the power was … out!

All our “toddler” plants are in the greenhouse, without heat, where it’s getting colder and colder.

What a disaster!

Herbs like basil are used to the sunny climes of Italy and Greece.

How will they survive in snowy unheated British Columbia?

I look out the window and see my husband, Big Guy, loading the patio gas barbecue onto the back of the pickup truck.

Where is he going? If he wants a hot lunch later, that barbecue is our only hope.

He’s taking it to the greenhouse.

Are we cooking in there today? I’m confused (and freezing).

He comes back a few minutes later, looking very pleased with himself.

“I farmerized it, baby”, he explains to me.

“I turned that barbecue up as high as she’ll go, and lifted the lid. As long as it doesn’t blow up, we’re good now.”

We didn't hear any kaboom as we sat eating our cold lunch in the colder kitchen. Then the power came back on.

So, we're good now.


  1. Oh my, you must have been pretty nervous for a little while there! I'm glad to hear your power came back on quickly. I suppose full-scale farming must have a lot of nerve-wracking moments like that, when the fate of entire crop hangs in the balance!

  2. Look at all that basil!!! I just have one plant! How cold is cold? Lil' sis

  3. Thanks, Laura and Lil' sis, for your comments about the greenhouse plants.

    They are unscathed, and are warm now despite the 10 degree C day.

  4. Awwww... isn't he a cutey :)

  5. Yes, Cindy, he is a cutey.:)


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