Thursday, April 29, 2010

Farm Fun

Today I planted three pots of giant pumpkin seed (oh, the image in my head re-reading that sentence - the pumpkins will be large, friends, the seeds are regular size). Later we’ll plant the best one or two transplants outdoors.

The seed package claims these pumpkins can reach 100 pounds! That’s a lot of pumpkin pie.

Each week or two, I’ll post a picture of the pumpkin’s progress.

I don’t need more pumpkin for our baking needs, as we’ll have lots of sugar pie pumpkins for that. And a giant pumpkin isn’t really something you grow for re-sale.

I live on a vegetable farm where every inch counts towards productivity (and thus profit). But sometimes you have to do something just because it’s fun.

 Are you planning to do something in the next few days just because it’s fun? Not because you have to, or should – but just because it will give you a smile.


  1. We're trying to grow pumpkins this year, too. Although I just realized I shouldn't have planted the seeds in April to get a pumpkin in time for Hallowe'en. So I guess I'll have to plant some more around the middle of June.

  2. Here in Calgary we are definitely not planting anything today- have been getting a blizzard since yesterday. I have so much snow in my little backyard- I can't even see our composter!! I think God is laughing...
    Maybe I need to move to BC.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    It is often difficult to get the timing right to go with the seasons..and sometimes the season bites you back. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    We are still going to plant our tomatoes and peppers soon :) My dad used to plant pumpkins that go so huge we actually had a "pumpkin stretcher" You are going to love those pumpkins!

  5. I like the idea of the "pumpkin stretcher"!

    I'm thinking we could put it on a wooden pallet once it gets to be fairly hefty, and let it continue growing there. Then we can use the forks on the tractor to move it around as need be once it's harvested.

  6. I usually use the 4th of July as the mark to plant Halloween pumpkins. Last year I planted Cinderella's. Those were lovely. Good luck with your squash.

  7. Thanks Maybelline;

    Good luck with your pumpkins as well!

    The name "Cinderella" evokes so many images of fairy tales and coaches. I love that name for a pumpkin.


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