Thursday, March 25, 2010


Our greenhouse was built the week after we moved from Big City life to the farm.

I was 8 months’ pregnant, on maternity leave from my office job.

An office job where I bought my lunch each and every day.

But there I was on the farm, and unable to see my feet.

What do I make myself for lunch?

What do I make my husband for lunch?

What do people have for lunch when they’re at home?

My husband comes inside and announces, “You’ll have to make lunch for the greenhouse guys.”

Excuse me?

Now I know how Laura Ingalls felt having to cook for the threshers.

Long story short – I cooked spaghetti, they ate it, and they went into town for lunch every day after that.


  1. I am going through this now. I have picked up a lot along the way but there is so much to learn when it comes to cooking. Your story is a lot like mine.

  2. Hi Laura;

    It is challenging to learn new skills. I try to focus on my successes more than my failures!

    Except when I can write an amusing story about my failures on this blog. :)

    Good luck with mastering cooking!


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