Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Farm Life

My family loves rhubarb pie, so I’m pleased to see our patch of rhubarb sprout up again this spring.

I once made two rhubarb pies, one for us and one for sharing with some young workers on the farm.

Big Guy, Kitten and I proudly carried big plates of fresh pie out to our first field hands, to thank them for their weeks’ work.

We stood in front of them, rather awkwardly, and watched them eat with their polite “Thank you, ma’am” faces.

Then we carried the dishes back home, pleased with this opportunity to share our lifestyle, and our pie.

Later that day, we eagerly ended our supper with our own rhubarb pie.

Unfortunately, this distracted farm wife had forgotten to put the sugar in…

The poor boys, those poor dear boys.


  1. Thanks, Fibro Chick, for leaving a positive comment.
    This is the first comment on my blog, and you have made my day!

  2. I have a sour cream rhubarb pie that's to die for. My sweet Texan husband just can't understand the concept of eating rhubarb but I'm sure he'll change his mind if I can convince him to try this one. I'll send you the recipe. Sis-in-law Sue


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