Monday, March 29, 2010

Farm wife makes dough from home

I started making bread weekly about a year ago. My bread isn’t perfect. But it’s pretty darned good.

 My method is not fool proof.

Just yesterday, I had to start over again.

I got to the kneading part and noticed I had forgotten to add the yeast sludge. I believe yeast is an important ingredient.

I made bread for my parents during my visit home last summer.

My mother looked at me with an expression of shock and horror. An expression that said “Who are you and what have you done with Missus*” (*not my real name).

 Just as I continue to adjust to farm life, they are adjusting to me being able to do farm wife things.

When you make your own bread at home, throw extra flour around so your family knows you made a big effort for them.

And when your recipe says “Set yeast mixture aside”, don’t set it too far to the side.

 Some people forget it there.

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