Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Irrigation irritation

Part of getting ready for spring on a farm entails readying the equipment.

Big Guy has spent a lot of time this week fixing breaks in the irrigation lines.

It is wonderful to see the pipes spray water on the fields for the first time. We have dozens of irrigation risers on the farm.

I find it mesmerizing to watch the water shoot out in a circular motion. It seems to be so hopeful, so full of promise of things to come.

The spray also periodically drenches part of the driveway to our house.

My daughter, Kitten, acts as my wingman when we’re driving to school in the mornings. I hear the little voice from the back seat “Wait for it, Mommy, wait for it. And… GO!”

And we spin a little gravel as we dodge the torrent of water across the windshield.

And then we giggle.

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