Monday, May 26, 2014

Produce Plant Quiz

Okay, smartypants. Do you know your produce plants? Let’s find out!

Look at the pictures below, and see if you can identify the vegetable that will grow on these plants. There's at least one fruit, just to mix it up.

All are growing on our farm now. Answers are on the bottom of the post.

Challenge your friends, and have fun!

Mystery produce plant #1

Look at the leaf shape.

Mystery produce plant #2

Focus on the stalks. 

Mystery produce plant #3

This usually grows horizontally on the soil. But we have these plants in pots in the greenhouse, and they are growing vertically on strings. It's a jungle out there.
Mystery produce plant #4

No, it's not rhubarb. Guess again.

Mystery produce plant #5

Focus on the stem of the plant as well as the tops.

Mystery produce plant #6

Yes, I know there's not much to see in this picture. But this is the size of the plant in May, so what's a Missus to do?

The answers are below if you're ready for them.

Don't read further if you don't have all your answers.

This means you!

Plant # 1 Tomato

Plant #2  Rhubarb

Plant #3  Cucumber

Plant #4  Swiss Chard

Plant #5  Fennel

Plant #6  Strawberry

 How did you do, smartypants? 

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