Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wishy washy

These yellow and green zucchini were waiting for me at the farm wash stand this morning. The cucumbers were next, followed by fennel and spinach. There were several boxes of each waiting for their turn to be beautified.

You know that feeling when you've had company over for dinner, and you face the washing up once they've gone? That's how I felt today - a little overwhelmed.

It was a bit of a total sensory experience, actually. The cold well water in the sink was a welcome relief to the heat of the day. The radio was playing classic rock.

I had aromatherapy thanks to these little beauties - fennel.

I don't even like licorice candy - but with that scent in the air that's all I could think about.

I also had a game of chance and skill for my entertainment.

It consisted of tossing the culls into the wheelbarrow over my shoulder. If you miss, you have to go clean it up.

Apparently my jump shot needs more work.


  1. I think the zucchini look beautiful. I planted one lonely little zucchini thinking it would be enough for me since my husband won't eat food called "Squash"!! All I have is pretty yellow blossoms every day and no zucchini. Now someone tells me about needing cross fertilization and this male squash/female squash thing!! Who knew!!!

  2. Keep watching the vines where the blossoms are - you might get zukes yet. Good luck!


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