Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Under the rainbow

Please excuse the lack of posting lately, as I've been under the rainbow. No, wait that's not it - I've been under the weather. I do not envy people who have to learn English as a second language - with all these idioms that make no sense!

I"ll be taking a break for a few weeks, I expect. If you'd like to know when Escape to the Farm has new posts, you could sign up to have them sent to your e-mail by using the form on the right hand side. It's free, and of course you can remove your address from the list whenever you wish.

I look forward to returning with more farm stories.



  1. Take all the time you need to feel...over the weather? I guess I'll just say I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

    I subscribed to your RSS feed some time ago, so I'll know as soon as you come back. Take care of yourself in the meantime.

  2. great pictures. Perhaps photography is a new calling for you??
    yes, learning the english language is funny business. The other evening I was reviewing language arts with my grade 6 daughter. She was studying alleterations, homonyms, synomyns, etc. We came across a word, which unfortuantely I can't recall, but it refers to using part of something to describe a whole. So, I gave her an example. What does it really mean if I say- "I can't take you to the movie because I have no wheels". She says "it means there are no wheels on the car"..... Tricky business- this grade 6 language arts. Thank goodness I'm not having to write the test!!

  3. Hi Sharebear;

    It is interesting to "return" to school by helping kids with homework.

    Kitten just finished grade 3, and I swear she knows more about the solar system than I ever knew.


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