Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm baaack

This poor pepper plant has been slanted sideways by unseasonal amounts of wind and rain, then weakened by insufficient sun. It looks how I feel.

I am recovering from a bout of mononucleosis. Although Big Guy does all the heavy lifting around here, it's still not the best time of year to be sick on a farm. Please bear with me as I attempt to pick up the pieces of this farm life blog, and carry on.

Periodically in the last few weeks, I logged in to this blog. I'm not sure what I was seeking. Was it still there? Had it all been some kind of dream? If you are old enough to remember Pam Ewing's dream that Bobby died on the TV show Dallas, you know what I mean.

So to catch you up on what you (and I) missed in our fields these last few weeks, here's a recap: wind, rain, cold temperatures, repeat. Worry about eggplants and peppers. Thrill at the vigour of lettuces, potatoes, and beans. Be thankful for another season.


  1. Mono, oh my! No wonder you've been away. Take good care of yourself, get lots of rest, and don't try to get back to normal routines too quickly. Don't worry about your blog either, it won't go bad if you leave it for awhile! :)

  2. Thank you, Laura!

    It is hard to pace myself now that I'm starting to feel better. There are so many things undone that call my name.

    I have missed this blog and others, especially yours, Laura.

  3. ewwwww. Be careful with that mono. Take things very slow. Who cares about the garden? Nature dealt you a whammy to force you to slow down. Listen to nature.

  4. Hi, Maybelline!

    Some days I feel better than others, that's for sure.

    Thanks for your good wishes, and for the smiles I get from reading your blog.


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