Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grow Your Own

Yesterday my husband Big Guy generously made a gift of cherry tomato plants to the children in Kitten's classroom. Isn't he wonderful?

(Big Guy - when you finally get a chance to sit down - probably this winter - you may be reading this post. See how I called you wonderful? And on the Internet? Please feel free to print this page and use as needed).

There is definitely an increasing trend towards people growing their own vegetables. Even some of our retail vegetable transplant customers seem slightly surprised by the level of demand.

Something like a tomato plant can be grown in your backyard, your balcony, or even indoors next to a sunny window. Why not give one a try this summer, if you haven't already?

We're decided to get our daughter, Kitten, more involved in the process of veggie growing this summer. I even bought her some cute childs' gardening gloves at the dollar store.

My girlie girl had only one response to these gloves. "Didn't they have any in pink?"

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