Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We are the proud owners of three new fruit trees for our small orchard. Joining the peach tree (pictured above), two plum trees, and a grape vine are a pear, apricot, and cherry tree.

The new trees are a bit spindly looking, so their labels make a better picture at this stage.

They won’t bear fruit for another two years, but I am already greedily anticipating the lovely rows of canned delights that we will enjoy.

Thanks to my husband’s efforts in the hunting and gathering department, and mine in the food preserving area, we have many homemade treats to savour.

The freezer holds its treasures of wild meat, fish, homemade bread and soup, and our own veggies.

The basement stores jar after jar of jam, fruit, salsa, pickles and relish. Alongside the jars is the homemade wine. When the weather gets hotter, we’ll add some homemade beer to the mix.

Growing and making one’s own food is very pleasurable, in addition to being economical. There is a sense of contentment in enjoying tasty food and knowing where it comes from. There is a pride in reflecting “I did this, this is mine.”

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