Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kids' Fun & Healthy Cookbook review

Book review disclosure – I either own or borrow books I review. I don’t receive any compensation from the author, publisher, etc., largely because they don’t know I’m alive.

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As the title suggests, this book purports to be a cookbook with healthy recipes that kids will enjoy making – and eating.

Table of contents includes: Breakfasts, Light Meals, Main Meals, Desserts and Baking.

There are also short sections on kitchen safety, hygiene, and components of the Food Guide.

The author includes brief snippets of general nutritional information, which is beneficial to my kids’ short attention span.

Each page has several full colour pictures. Each recipe has step by step instructions with a photo for each step – so helpful no matter what your age! My husband Kids are the worst for deciding whether or not they will like a new dish by the look of it. These recipes are beautifully photographed, and look appealing.

The recipes look fairly simple to make, but involve a lot of cutting and use of the stove. You will have to assist your child in this endeavour.

Thankfully, these recipes are not the “let’s spend 40 minutes making this cupcake look like a cat’s face” sort of thing.

So how does the book score on fun and healthy? Some recipes are heavy on the healthy, but not the fun factor. For example, your child will either like the look of beef stir fry, or not so much.

On the plus side, most dishes are things that both kids and adults would enjoy eating.

Some recipes score well on both fun and healthy, such as fruit salad served in half an empty cantaloupe.

The publisher says this book is for ages 4 – 8. I have to disagree. There is a lot of text on each page, and the reading level is at least for ages 7 and above.

Kitten and I made the fruit smoothie. It was a bit thick for our taste, but we will continue on and make more recipes. She really enjoys looking at the book, and thinking about what to make next.

The fact that my picky eater is willing to try new healthy foods because of the pictures in this book, makes it a good buy for us.

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