Thursday, May 8, 2014

Feel the Beat

While Big Guy and I were sitting at our kitchen table having lunch, I happened to glance outside at our greenhouse, about 300 yards away. Although the plastic walls are getting more opaque every year, you can still make out the forms and shapes of things inside.

Our new farm worker, on her probation week, was moving around inside. Is she working on her lunch break? Wait, I think she just bent over, and then straightened up quickly. I hope she’s okay, should I go out and check?
She continued to move around, arms out, head from side to side. She was dancing! Dancing to the tunes playing on the old radio in the greenhouse.
She’s already put in over 3 hours in the field, bending and kneeling and hoeing. But instead of collapsing in a chair, she’s busting out a few moves, not caring who can see her, just feeling the beat for the sheer joy of it.

Only Big Guy will decide whether or not to employ her for the summer-  but as far as I’m concerned, she’s hired!


  1. How nice to be young again. My lunch hour consists of collapsing into a chair in the lunchroom and reading the paper. Maybe I need to start dancing :)

  2. I think we could all use a little more dancing in our lives! Thanks for the comment.


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