Thursday, May 27, 2010

I remember butter

Kitten had Pioneer Day at school, for which she was to bring vittles for a historically themed lunch.

It was easy to send food that was historically accurate to the late 19th century. I was able to provide sandwiches on homemade bread, spread with our homemade, homegrown plum jam.

 Our homegrown and canned peaches, packaged in jam jars, doubled as both a fruit and a dessert. I imagine it was quite similar to the lunch that children who lived on this farm a hundred years ago might have taken to school.

Kitten’s day included the picnic lunch, dressing pioneer-style, making candles, and writing with a dip ink pen.

 Her favourite part was making butter by shaking cream in a jar. “You have to try butter, Mom”, she exclaimed. “It’s so good”.

 “Yes”, I said to my little girl raised on non-hydrogenated, no trans fat, low in saturated fat, butter substitute spread. “I remember butter. It is good.”

And so you see, it was all in the name of my dear child's education that I had to buy butter this week. And just to make sure I was being an especially good supporter of the school's history curriculum, I also purchased bacon. And a big bag of sugar.


  1. In the true words of Juila Childs: "You can make it without butter; but you won't like it."

    Use butter. It's much better for you.

  2. Hi Maybelline - I think both you, and Julia Childs, have a good idea there.

  3. bacon, sugar and butter.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Oh my, I don't know what I'd do without butter. I use it just about everything I make, and yes, it IS good! :)


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