Monday, May 10, 2010

Farm Footwear

We are growing thousands of plants here on the farm. This weekend, I received a new favourite.

I hope all moms had a happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Kitten's class made the Mother's Day present, shown above.

It's a cute idea that would also work for Father's Day (perhaps a basil plant for a pesto-loving dad), or for visiting grandparents. Just use an outgrown child's shoe, painted bronze, for the planter. Drainage holes can be put in the sole with a nail and hammer.

I'm afraid that admiring other people's handiwork is the full extent of my crafty nature.

We drove an hour on the weekend to pick up a special-order boot for my husband, Big Guy. I've taken the picture, below, with a pop can beside the boot to help illustrate the scale.

Size 13 wide, farmer special. If we could rig a pedometer on this baby for the next year or two of use, I bet it would log thousands of miles.

That's one positive aspect of farming - you could say that the exercise program and tanning salon (down to the sock line) are built in benefits.

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