Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Farming values

Tragedy has struck one of our own.

A delivery truck accidentally knocked a major branch off our plum tree.

The tree doesn’t look too badly shaken up after the incident.

That is, until you look at how many branches came off. We likely won’t know the long term effect of the collision until next spring.

Like many things on the farm, the tree has more of a value to us than may occur to the casual observer (or delivery truck driver).

That tree has grown sweet Italian prune plums for more years than anyone can likely remember.

Its possible demise means the loss of several dozen jars of canned fruit for the winter, as well as cash from any excess fruit.

There are other things on the farm that also have more of a value to us than may be readily apparent (there is a plan here, people).

They are:

- Field grass that was planted after harvest last fall

It’s actually a cover crop (usually rye) that guards against winter erosion of the soil. Once plowed into the soil before spring planting, its nutrients will help feed the soil so we can start the cycle of vegetable farming all over again.

-  The (ugly and sometimes smelly) pile of manure, and another of plant trimmings

They are composted and spread on the ground to also help feed the soil.

-  The ancient shed that looks like it might blow over in a strong wind

It stores the walk-in cooler, small tools, and provides an overhang roof to shelter the wash stand.

-  The stacks of wooden boxes with fading paint

They house hundreds of helpful bees to pollinate the crops.

-  The mound of cast off bits and pieces

This isn’t just junk odds and ends. Most will be incorporated ingeniously into some building project or repair job as Big Guy endeavours to “farmerize” the task at hand.

-  The mass of weeds growing alarmingly in the flower beds around the house isn’t really..

Wait a minute. I’m looking at the wrong list. I really must get to that….


  1. Oh, your poor plum tree! What a shame. :(

  2. Hi Laura;
    Yes, it's a shame.
    Hopefully it will weather this incident and live on.


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