Friday, April 2, 2010

Country Dance

My daughter Kitten, my parents, and I went to visit the horses on the farm next door.

One black horse ambled over to the fence to say hello, as horses sometimes do.

Kitten was feeling rather frisky, and did a twirl in front of the horse. All those ballet lessons have an effect on the girl sometimes.

The horse surprised us all by abruptly turning away from us, pivoting in a circle.

We weren’t sure what to make of this unusual happening.

Kitten decided to practise her arabesque right there in front of the rail.

The horse evidently decided it was his turn to dance.

He watched her; then galloped around the paddock, coming to a dead stop in front of us again.

 “Keep dancing, Kitten, keep dancing!” we cried.

The horse stood still to watch each move that Kitten made, and then made one of his own.

They showed off every step they knew. There were more twirls and high kicks. More bucks and side steps.

It wasn’t long before “his turn” involved rearing on his hind legs.

The horse had become such an exhibitionist we were afraid he’d try to jump the fence!

 There was a final curtsey, a last tossing of the head, before the dancers retreated.


  1. Oh my goodnes! What an amazing sight that must have been. I have a big smile on my face after reading about it. I'm sure you and your daughter will always remember that twirling horse! :)

  2. I think as my daughter gets older she will grow to appreciate that moment even more.

    It's amazing the relationship that children often have with animals.


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