Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cash Crop

We were busy today bundling these little beauties for our first crop sales of the year.

Can you guess what they are? Daffodils? Green onions?

They’re sweet white onion babies that other farmers will plant and grow until they’re large onions. They’ll be just perfect for your barbecued burger.

It was only 8 degrees Celsius today while we were working outside.

Usually we dig them in the field, and sit there to bundle them as well. Brrr.

This year we got the brainwave to sit on our porch to bundle them up, sheltered from the wind, listening to the radio. Why had we never thought of that before?

Each bundle contains 50 onions.

Do you know how difficult it is to repeatedly count to 50 without losing your place?

Thoughts of errands to do and supper to make can really make a person’s mind wander.

And I’ve never noticed before how often the radio DJ breaks in with number talk like “Here’s Three Dog Night with their song that went to number seven on the charts in 1978.”

Ah heck. One two three four FIVE six…


  1. Hoorary, I guessed correctly when I looked at the picture that they were onion seedlings. :)


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